hitty Things BCGSearch Have Done In 2015.

Casually browsing lawyer job search sites is a waste of time for the majority of attorneys. Lately, the LawCrossing Attorney Jobs page said that the site listed 48,108 lawyer jobs and maintained that it’s over 25 times as numerous legal jobs as another job board” LawCrossing is one of the only job sites to charge a fee for the attorney trying to utilize most of the website’s job search functions.

Most legal recruiters at BCG Attorney Search hail from the legal services industry and understand how to deliver recruiting success to lawyers, law firms and legal departments. Dex Media operates and sells advertising on The opinions expressed in reviews are the opinion of each respective reviewer and don’t necessarily reflect the perspective of Dex Media.

Before we reach the lawyer job search site list, allow me to briefly describe how spending some time on search websites should fit into your career transition process. Some of the sites also have lawyer job search resources and additional career information. Recent searches on the Lawmatch website returned about 745 jobs for the phrase lawyer” and 600 jobs for the phrase lawyer.” Many jobs listed were for paralegals and legal secretaries.

I would rank BCG Attorney Search at the top in comparison to other recruiting companies. Last year Monster expanded beyond its paid ad model and now lists jobs much like the work BCGSearch search aggregators. Many job search websites allow you to be notified by email every time a new project is recorded matching the parameters of one of your relevant searches.

You can’t do this directly from the Truly site, although the Indeed database of attorney jobs is much larger than displayed on GoBiglaw. Additionally, there are many different ways to use LinkedIn to help lawyers in their job search. The search terms you use on job search websites have become the most important factor in getting pertinent job listings.

I have always been somewhat sceptical of going through a recruiter, but BCG Attorney Search are first rate, so useful, not to mention being one of the most respected names in Chicago. You probably will not get a job just by applying for positions on job search websites. BCG Attorney Search works with thousands of attorneys to place each candidate in the perfect attorney project in Chicago.

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